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Science isn't just about test tubes and experiments. It's about people. Science helps make people's lives better in a myriad of ways — from improving their daily diets to achieving medical breakthroughs that help cure life-threatening diseases.

All majors in the Department of Nutrition Science have a strong science component including organic chemistry, biochemistry, and human physiology. There are many opportunities for undergraduates to work and learn in a clinical research setting.

The majors in the Department of Nutrition Science are excellent pre-professional majors. Pre-professional requirements can be met through the curriculum structure of these majors and by incorporating the flexibility of elective credit hours. Students can fulfill requirements for pre-medicine (pre-med), pre-dentistry, pre-physical therapy, pre-optometry, as well as other health profession programs. In complement to pre-professional advising in our own department, the University has an excellent Pre-Professional advising office for the entire campus.


Designed for students interested in careers such as nutrition counseling, hospital and clinical dietetics, public health nutrition programs, clinical research, private practice in nutrition, and institutional foodservice management. The public often uses the term "nutritionist" but the credentialed position is called a registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). Many students choose to combine a major in dietetics with a major in nutrition, fitness, and health.

Foods and Nutrition in Business

Designed for students interested in combining food science and nutrition with communication and business for careers in consumer affairs, advertising, sales, writing, and product development and evaluation. 

Nutrition, Fitness, and Health

Designed for students interested in careers in nutrition/fitness/wellness programs in hospitals, fitness centers, and other industries. Many students choose to double-major in NFH and dietetics. 

Nutrition Science

Designed for students who wish to obtain greater depth in the physical and biological sciences to prepare for additional education, such as graduate school or medical school. 


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