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Course Description:  Application of fundamental laws and concepts of chemistry, physics, and biology to the properties, composition, and storage of foods.

Instructor: Dr. Jim Daniel, Stone Hall, G-1-H

Office Hours: Monday, 12:30 and Wednesday, 8:30 or by appointment

Telephone: 765-494-8247


Required Texts and Materials
Lecture:  Food Chemistry: Principles and Applications, 3rd. ed., Y. H. Hui (ed.), 2012, Science Technology System (Hui).

Food Chemistry Lecture Notes, v. 5.5, 2015, Dr. J. R. Daniel (available from BoilerCopyMaker, PMU, Room 186)

Laboratory:  The Food Chemistry Laboratory, 2nd edition, C. M. Weaver and J. R. Daniel, CRC Press, 2003.

A washable white labcoat must be worn in the laboratory. Hair must be controlled during preparation for, or while participating in, sensory evaluation. 

Suggested References for Supplemental Reading

Food Chemistry, 3rd. edition, O. R. Fennema (ed.), 1996, Dekker (F).

Mechanism and Theory in Food Chemistry, 1989, Wong (W)

Basic Food Chemistry, 1983, Lee (L)

The Science of Food, 1980, Bennion (B)

Fundamentals of Food Chemistry, 1980, Heiman (H)

Food Chemistry and Nutritional Biochemistry, 1985, Zapsalis and Beck (ZB)

Food Science, 1982, Charley (C)

The Experimental Study of Food, 1979, Campbell, Penfield, and Griswold (CPG

In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances. Here are ways to get information about changes in this course: BlackBoard web page,, the HHS server web page,, Dr. Daniel's email address,, or Dr. Daniel's office phone: 494-8247.  

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